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Alina Gonzalez

As this book is completed Alina Gonzalez is currently in her Senior year at Valley Center High School in rural San Diego County. Serendipity is her first book and is compiled of poetry she wrote during her four years of high school about her various crushes and cute guys. Alina works as a columnist for the Valley Roadrunner and previously interned at the San Diego Union Tribune.

Born with a philanthropic mindset, she believes there is no greater joy than helping someone who could never repay you and actively participates as a volunteer with a number of organizations.  While she is fond of writing, Alina is very passionate in all areas of the arts. Her love for the stage led her to be inducted into the International Thespian Society Troupe #6199 where she avidly participates in theatre productions and competitions with her school’s drama program.

Musically inclined, Alina picked up the string bass eight years ago and plays with the San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra’s Symphony. In the area of film she has won many awards for directing, editing, writing, and acting in her own self-produced screenplays. She aspires to pursue a career in screenplay writing. Alina will be attending film school the fall of 2014.

Caitlyn Simons spends most of her time playing basketball, relaxing with her cat, and working on art. This is her debut as an illustrator. She has entered some pieces in the San Diego county fair in her past years of high school. Aside from illustration, she also excels at photography. While art is one of her passions, Caitlyn plans on attending a Nursing program following her high school graduation this June.


Serendipity: Poems About Love in High School

Author: Alina Gonzalez

ISBN: 978-1-889379-51-7

WPR Books: Latino Insights, 2013

Format: Paperback

Language: Bilingual (Spanish)

Book Size: 6″ x 9″

Pages: 114

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