Palomar College MEChA

Consuelo Maria Alcala Born in San Diego in 1951, she worked with young children as a bilingual preschool teacher for over ten years. In 1991, when she published her first book of songs entitled, Primavera, Primavera, Nuevas Canciones y Rimas para Pequeños, she had been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. While she battled the disease [...]

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Rick L. Najera

“Poet and producer, actor and comedian, award-winning TV writer, denizen of the Latin quarter, Hollywood Hills and the Great White Way. Rick Najera is the embodiment of diversity.” ~ Writers Guild of America Rick L. Najera is an award-winning actor-writer-director-producer with credits in film, television, theatre and Broadway. Honored twice by Hispanic Business Magazine as [...]

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Herman Sillas

Herman Sillas is a native of Los Angeles, and when he was 12, his mother enrolled him in a neighborhood Saturday morning painting class. Three years later his art instructor referred Sillas to the renown Otis Art Institute. Two years later he was awarded a scholarship there. After graduating from high school, he put his [...]

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Melanie R. Martel

Melanie R. Martel is a contemporary Latina author of young-adult fiction from Sacramento, CA. She is a strong advocate of diversity and tolerance as the ultimate adaptation. Her work exemplifies and glorifies this concept and exhibits a passion for the rich cultural, religious and racial tapestry of her world. At the same time, she strives [...]

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Isabel Delia Gonzalez

Author Isabel Delia Gonzalez had a business career with a Fortune 500 company spanning over twenty-years. During this tenure her hallmark was the ability to frame critical issues into messages that resonate with and move audiences to action. The importance of corporate citizenship Gonzalez involved in non-profit Board service, concentrating on the global community in [...]

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