Breaking & Bleeding of a Macho Man: Phobia of Life

//Breaking & Bleeding of a Macho Man: Phobia of Life

Breaking & Bleeding of a Macho Man: Phobia of Life


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Breaking and Bleeding a Macho Man

Author: Isabel Delia Gonzalez

ISBN: 978-1889379-57-9

WPR Category: Latino Insights

Book Format: Paperback

Language: English

Book Size: 6″ x 9″

Pages: 148

Year Published: 2017

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Mexican born writer, Isabel Delia Gonzalez fictional book based on her observation of men believing machismo is the badge of courage. They have been conditioned to believe the courage is more important than life itself. What are the consequences of the conditioning?

This story is as timely today as it was 200 years ago. Story of tragedy and success will be told by an old man to his daughter.

The old man’s story beginning in 1928 is set against the backdrop of a waning Mexican revolution and a mother telling her young boy his destiny is not to be a farmer as was his family before him, but a man of knowledge. Was her belief in his destiny tied to the color of his unusual white skin? The inner conflict of this man’s story arises, from the strength of the unconditional love from his mother, and the destructive forces from his father.

Continually surrounded by superstitions and cultural conditioning of the Mexican machismo, the son can only see people becoming monsters, the bastardization of religion, the influence of witchcraft, the horrors of incest, subjugated women with no dreams, and the falsehoods of the “modernization” of Mexico.

What were the consequences to this old man of his emotional solitary confinement to protect himself from the forces of his surroundings trying to take his sanity away? Was his distorted inner world real? What did the outer world see in him?

Adhering to his distortion all those who touched him are pulled into his machismo world.


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