The Islands Where The Moon Is Born by Edna Iturralde

//The Islands Where The Moon Is Born by Edna Iturralde

The Islands Where The Moon Is Born by Edna Iturralde


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The Islands Where The Moon Is Born

Author: Edna Iturralde

ISBN: 978-1-889379-46-3

WPR Books: Para los Niños, 2015

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Book Size: 6″ x 9″

Pages: 181

2 in stock

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Twin sisters travel by dark of night with their parents, escaping an unnamed terror. The family has abandoned its auto in favor of a wooden cart about which their mother says, “Fugitives can’t be choosers.” The danger, in the form of roving, guerilla soldiers, catches up with the family before the first chapter of their story ends. To survive, the parents and their girls must part company. So opens Edna Iturralde’s fascinating children’s novel The Islands Where the Moon Is Born: An Adventure in the Galapagos Islands.
Before long, little Caro and Mary are escaping from an Ecuadorian orphanage whose director won’t allow them to keep their dog, the humorously named Find-Find. Then, magically, all three—girls and dog—transform into seabirds and are flying to the Galapagos Islands to help save animals who are as endangered as they are.
Mary and Caro confront a witch and a mysterious horde of goats and, with the help of two romantic seagulls, the Finch Knights, the Penguin Patrol, and Sharp Teeth, a shy shark, save these marvelous islands, famous as one of our planet’s greatest natural wonders.

6 reviews for The Islands Where The Moon Is Born by Edna Iturralde

  1. Zoe Mohrman

    “The Island Where the Moon Is Born was one of the best books I’ve ever read! The illustrations were beautifully drawn. This book is a sweet, unforgettable page turner. It’s impressive writing brings joy and laughter with it.” ~ Zoe Mohrman, Student

  2. Alicia Rudnicki

    “Edna Iturralde’s fiction for children touches on real-world dangers, including families threatened by political conflict. Yet she builds tension without inspiring fear. She balances drama with humor and the fascinating natural history of the Galapagos Islands. Congratulations to WPR for introducing North American children, parents and teachers to Iturralde, one of South America’s treasures.” ~ Alicia Rudnicki, Writer and Educator,

  3. Virginia Kamhi

    “The animals’ stories parallel the lives of twin sisters who have been displaced by war in their homeland and have flown on wings to this unusual place. In order to survive, both have learned to adapt.” ~ Virginia Kamhi, Educator & Author

  4. Kelsie Hull

    “The Island Where the Moon Is Born is a very heartwarming story about two twin sisters sticking together while going on adventurous journeys. In my opinion the illustrations were beautiful”
    ~ Kelsie Hull, fifth-grade student

  5. David Sierra

    “The Island Where The Moon Is Born is an amazing book. I enjoyed reading it. The adventure the two twin sisters go on is very interesting. I’m sure you’ll love the book.”
    ~ David Sierra

  6. Gabriela Chronic

    “I think it is very sweet how the two little twin sisters stick together and have GREAT imaginations. I think the author is very creative by creating a book that is very adventurous and a fun book to read”
    ~ Gabriela Chronic, fourth-grade student

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